Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Baby it's cold outside... so now's the time for potato soup.

It is COLD here in Dallas! I don't know about you guys... but I am NOT a fan! It's supposed to get down to 9 degrees tonight! That's heinous for Dallas weather!


I feel like I can barely breathe when I step outside and the wind feels like a bunch of tiny little needles pricking my skin all at once. Like I said... not a fan. 

At least I didn't have work today! Yay! (There's seeing the bright side!) There are inches (yes, inches) of ice built up on our streets. There were so many accidents today! However, my fiance and I managed to make it down the street to the mall where we did a little bit of shopping (although a lot of stores were closed... I was surprised by how many were open!) and we saw No Strings Attached (at which we both laughed hysterically, by the way).

We made a trip by Walmart to buy some soup for tonight (because what's better than warm soup on a freezing night?). Leaving the store, we almost slid into the middle of an intersection. I hate the ice. I was about to have a panic attack in the passenger seat and my poor fiance had the task of keeping me calm while gliding (yes, gliding) us home.

Potato Soup
 (no recipe here - it's straight from a can lol Cambell's Chunky I believe...)

... and I'm finishing it off with some hot chocolate with marshmallows :)


20 York Street said...

We are expecting a huge blizzard tomorrow but it's currenly -20 here! So, I think I'm gonna need a huge pot of that soup!

Stay Happy and Positive!




Cupcakes and Cosmopolitans said...

OMG, It is so cold in AZ too. Its not bad as 9 degrees, but still, I am like super cold right now. I have the heat on, && I never put on heat. This is weird, I am from NYC I am used to the cold, but its just surprising. Seeing your potato soup, makes me heat up cup of noodles, or whatever that cup noodle thing is called. Yeah, I think that's what I am going to do right now.


Melissa: Write it in Lipstick said...

I would have never thought that was from the can, it looks good. Glad you made it to the mall safe.


Hello Lindsay, sorry to hear about gliding home (gulp) I too would be freaking out. Glad that you made it home safely. And a major YUM, that soupy looks divine. I will have to make some for dinner tonight!

Luckily we haven't had any snow but it is getting so cold AGAIN, here in Vancouver. Boo, it was so warm on the weekend, but alas time to bring back the parka. Good luck with the crazy weather. xx veronika

Sofia said...

You're adorable, that soup looks delicious, and the weather is just horrid.