Friday, February 11, 2011

Shop Your Closet - I need advice!

Because of the blizzard that blew through Dallas last week, I ended up missing 4 days of work. Therefore, I'm really broke this week. lol I've been inspired recently by so many great style blogs that I'm in a fierce shopping mood :) 

What's a girl to do to when in need of some retail therapy? 
Shop her closet.

That's my goal for this weekend. Get rid of the clothes I don't wear and use some imagination to create new outfits out of the clothes I already own. 

I'll take some photos of my journey and next week I'll have pictures, tips, and tricks to share with you all! 

What's your number one tip in deciding whether to keep an item of clothing or not??

Please share :)


Higgenbottom said...

good luck! i'm forever trying to clean out my closet too! in regards to getting rid of stuff, i bag up the items i think i want to get rid of and keep it in a corner of my closet for a couple months. if i don't revisit that bag of stuff, i just get rid of it because i know i won't miss anything in there.

Melissa: Write it in Lipstick said...

I check to see how many things it goes with. If it doesnt go with at least 3 things I toss it out. I'm excited to see these outfit posts...

Write it in lipstick

Erin Tagle said...

Uh, I just don't throw anything {clothing-wise} out. Every time I do, I miss whatever I sent to Goodwill. I think, "darn it, those .... {fill-in-the-blank} would look really cute with this outfit." I always take good care of my clothes, regardless of whether they're from xxi or Norstrom. They tend to last and I don't really care what's in style: if it looks good on you {your body-type} it's always in style. :) Can't wait to see your posts!!!!

Lindsey said...

Hey there! Happy V Day Linds!

Well, as you know I just cleaned out my closet and I finally took the 5 bags of clothes to Goodwill yesterday.

I really have a bad habit of hoarding, but I've gotten better. If you tell yourself "but I might wear it", throw it out. Bottom line is, you aren't wearing it so don't leave it there to clutter up your closet.

Another tip I read before cleaning my clost was make a "maybe" pile and a "get rid of pile". Then go through the maybe pile and really analyze if you would wear it. If you just can't part with it, keep it. If you still haven't worn it in 6 months, get rid of it.

I'm opposite of Erin. I've never gotten rid of something and regretted it. Getting dressed is sooooo much easier now that I only have things I love in my closet.