Wednesday, September 29, 2010

You could be that ONE person


I don't know if many of you have heard about the tragic incident at the University of Texas at Austin yesterday - but a student there at the school took an AK-47 (gun) to campus and committed suicide.

(News story here)

Colton, a 19 year old sophomore at UT, evidently had no intentions of hurting anyone but himself. It is thought that he was attempting a police-assisted suicide (which is when a person provokes the police in hopes they will shoot and kill him/her) but after the failed attempt, he finally just shot himself. This guy has family coming forward in complete shock because they claim he showed no signs that would lead up to this occasion. This is what his cousin had to say:

"He was a very smart guy; very intelligent," said a man who wished to be identified only as "Marcus," Tooley's cousin. "Excellent student and wouldn't or couldn't hurt a fly. If he was depressed, you'd never know it."

Strangely, there are no friends who have come forward to speak about him. He carried this gun to school and had multiple opportunities to hurt or kill others but never did. One student who came across him at the university during his raid said that as he rushed past her, he said "Excuse me." and kept walking.

This is a sad, lonely person who felt he had no other option. It really makes me wonder...

What if ONE person would have said to him, "Hey man, you wanna grab lunch?" What if ONE person reached out and tried to start a friendship?

What if ONE person was all it took to save his life?

You never know what someone is going through at any moment. How many people out there are crying out for just ONE friend? How many people just need ONE person to change their life... to SAVE their life.

You could be that ONE person.


Just keep this in mind as you go through life... you never know when the opportunity to be that ONE person for someone will come up. When you go to work or class or whatever you have scheduled for tomorrow, look around. Pay attention to those around you. Don't judge a person by their appearance. They may seem totally fine.

This sophomore at UT Austin seemed perfectly fine.

Don't be afraid to reach out to people. If you get rejected, oh well... at least you know you tried.

But trust me, it will be worth it when you befriend a person in need of a friend and you find out later that YOU made a difference in their life. You quite possibly could be the SOLE PERSON who saves their life.


Who cares if they are different! Say hello :) That's all it takes.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Matte skin all day? Why I think I will :)

Unfortunately, I have pretty oily skin. On any normal weekday, I've got a Crisco-inspired forehead by 10am. I am constantly blotting all day to avoid blinding anyone from the reflection of my T-zone. I've tried an assortment of lotions and makeup products promising a "matte" result... and nothing ever seemed to control the oily beast escaping from my skin.

That is, until I got a little sample of this product in my Allure magazine last month:

$10.79 at Walmart

As Usher would say: "Oh my gosh, I'm so in love - You make me wanna say Oh oh oh oh, oh oh oh oh oh... OH MY GOSH"

I had to buy it.

Seriously, I can go throughout the WHOLE workday (that's 10 hours right now because we're working overtime!) and not have to blot one time. I love love love this stuff!

The texture is a bit strange but it works. A little bit goes a long way, and best of all - it can double as eyeshadow primer! (Why buy 2 products when 1 can get the job done?) Also, I've got super sensitive skin and this product doesn't irritate it at all!!

I definitely give it 5 stars.

Here are a few other positive reviews I've found online: Gouldylox Reviews, xoladiihoneyxo, Beauty Girl Musings (says it's a must-have!), & the Beauty Alchemist

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Get this classic look FAST!

I love Kandee Johnson's videos. She is always in such good spirits and her videos are not only informative, but inspirational as well.

This is her most recent video and I fell in love with the look so much I wanted to share it with all of you!

Check out her blog here!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Just because my car is dirty doesn't mean you can throw your trash ON it!

Sunday morning my fiancé and I decided to stop by our local Mcdonald's for a latte. (I love them) So we pull up, order, and when we drive around, they ask us to pull forward. (I'm thinking "Why do they need us to pull forward for a coffee?" but whatever) So we pull forward and wait. And wait. And then the car behind us honks. Of course we don't move (because we are waiting for this latte that is taking FOREVER) so the car begins to pull around us. This old man is driving and as he slowly drives past us...


Evidently, we were blocking the trash can (waiting for our coffee) and that really, really pissed him off.

Of course we lost our religion there for a second (Justin screamed an explicative or two)... but regained it back when we accepted that karma will get him back. (If it were up to me, a dump truck would run into and dump it's load on his car... how ironic would that be?)

And if you are wondering what took our latte so long... Justin went inside to find that the workers weren't even making it because they didn't know how. Thanks a lot Mcdonald's... you got an old man so pissed off at us he felt the need to litter onto our vehicle.

Friday, September 17, 2010

I am SO ready for fall weather!

from JCPenny

Although I live in Texas so Fall seems as if it will never come... I am SO ready for it! This summer I got so many jackets on sale and from thrifting. I can't wait to wear them!

I love the look above for weekend attire (or heck... maybe even Casual Friday!) She looks super comfortable, yet stylish.

All you need is:
- Straight-leg/loose skinny jeans
- A somewhat-fitted sweater
- Flats
- and a statement necklace

This is practically effortless!

I can't wait to show you my version... but right now it's just too damn hot.

What trend/style are you looking forward to this fall??

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I want a Clarisonic Mia.

So I've been interested in the Clarisonic products but I've never really thought about actually buying one because I figured it just wasn't worth the money. Well, that was until I watched this video and decided to look into it a bit more.

Here's a bit of information from their website:

Clarisonic systems improve:
- skin appearance
- skin tone
- pore visibility
- skin texture
- fine lines and wrinkles
- sensitive skin
- rosacea

Check out the before & after photos - some are pretty amazing!

Clarisonic Benefits:
- cleanses better
- healthier skin
- gentle
- enhances other products
- improves skin texture

Mia - $149
Classic - $195

Have you ever used a Clarisonic product? What's your opinion?

**I am not affiliated with Clarisonic, nor are the paying for this post. They have not given me anything (however, I wish they would!). I just really, really want one.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Would you date Jesse James?

Really Kat Von D? You're going to date Jesse James so soon after his divorce from Sandra Bullock for cheating on her with filthy whores?

I truly wonder how many brain cells she has left.

"Oh no honey, you're different. I'd never do that to you..."

How many times have women heard that line?

Would you date someone who had a track record like Jesse James?

And to think... he once had this:

Good job, Jesse James... good job.
(extreme sarcasm intended)

Monday, September 13, 2010

& what i wore.

We went to a small outdoor Texas country concert Saturday night. I threw on this quick (comfy) outfit.

Top - Plato's Closet $6
Jeans - Charlotte Russe $20
Shoes - Payless $12

I've found some amazing deals at Plato's Closet. I'll do a post soon of everything :)

The best way to save time when thrifting is to research the places in your area that are known for trendy items. Check out Plato's Closet if you have one!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Chic n' Cheap: Lo's Beige Handbag

I've really had my eye out for a cute beige handbag. I think it's a perfect color for year round and how could you go wrong with a color that goes with everything??

We all know her bag was most likely a pretty penny! So I found an alternative -

This bag (that's similar to Lo's) is at Francesca's Collections for $48.

What color handbag will you be sporting this fall?