Friday, July 31, 2009

I want big hair.

I'm a Dallas girl... so of course this is what I want!

I have naturally big, curly hair but when I straighten it, it likes to do this:

but I crave this:

Who better to learn from than ms. unbeweavable herself ;)

plus - little miss made you blush is having an awesome giveaway

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

My Interview

Well, here is the winning outfit for today's interview. I shopped for 2 days to find this! lol It was intense...
Sorry about the messy living room in the background! lol

I got the skirt from NY&Co for $40 and the shirt from Ross for $8. I wore brown 1-2" heels [not pictured because we took this when I came home from the interview and my feet were hurting so I took them off lol]

I must say I loved my outfit! I was very pleased with the outcome. :)

Soooooooo... about the interview:
It was much tougher than I expected! There were some questions that I didn't quite know how to answer but the people interviewing me were very positive and friendly. I think it went good but I can't say "Oh I know I got this job!" lol Simply put, I have no idea what they'll decide. lol

Here's my opinion:

If I get this job, then fantastic! I can't wait to start learning and working. I am excited to be able to help others and learn more about the profession I've chosen.

If I don't get this job, then it only means that God has something better for me, something that must be better suited to my needs. I believe that God knows best and he will take care of me.

We'll find out Monday!

Monday, July 27, 2009

I've got a job interview!!

I am so excited because I finally have a job interview for a position I've been trying to get all summer! I am SO nervous and a little freaked out because I've never interviewed for a "real" job. I mean, this is a job that requires a bachelor's degree so it's not your average part-time job interview.

Now, my new dilemma: What to wear?? I would really prefer to wear a skirt rather than a pant suit. I've heard a study on the subject of interview attire which found that women who wore [tasteful] skirts received more job offers compared to those who wore pants.

I want to look reserved and professional but I also want to show a little bit of personality. I've googled interview attire and it's all the same. Every woman looks so "stuffy" and boring yet when I go into stores like NY&Co, it's professional yet stylish clothing. Any advice??

*I'd love links to actual photos!!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Why did I not think of this before??

Ok, so how many of you (including myself) are guilty of going to bed without washing your face? I know there are times when I am just so tired all I want to do is go to bed. I don't feel like standing over the sink to wash my face, apply moisturizer, etc [whatever your skin routine involves] so guess what? I don't. I really do try to wash my face EVERY NIGHT but sometimes I just say "screw it."

Well... I was watching some Youtube videos [I was bored] and this young woman shared a tip that made me wanna just knock myself in the forehead! lol She says that you should keep cleansing cloths [such as Olay] by your bedside so when you get in bed before thinking about washing your face, you can just grab one and wipe your face! How easy is that! I am so gonna go buy some today.

I can't believe I didn't think of that before... Do any of you use this little trick?

For all skin types: Olay Daily Facials Express

For a more "luminous" result: Olay Definity Illuminating Makeup Removing Cloths

I am sure that almost every skin care brand has their own type of cleansing cloths... So you can pick the one that's best for you. I just used Olay as an example.

*Make sure that the towelettes/cleansing cloths you purchase are already WET! I know some of them come dry and you just wet it yourself & that would defeat the purpose of keeping them bedside lol*

I also wanted to give credit where credit is due! I got this tip from Alba Mayo on Youtube.

My number 1 pet peeve about waitressing...

I can't stand it when people talk down to me, like I'm stupid, because I am a waitress. I have a college degree. I am NOT an idiot. I'm only working this stupid job because I am going to GRADUATE school and with the economy right now, I have to take what I can get.

DON'T talk down to me like I'm uneducated.

Friday, July 24, 2009

New Jewelry for my Etsy Shop!

So I haven't worked on my Etsy shop in about a MONTH... I'm so happy to say I've got 3 new creations :)

Turquoise Porcelain Beaded Bracelet

These little black earrings are SO much more gorgeous in person! The picture doesn't really do it justice...

Dream Necklace - just a simple round pendent
*I haven't listed the necklace yet but I plan to have them posted by the end of today! The earrings & bracelet, however, are available at this time on my site.*

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Casual yet fashionable

Casual Chic

I saw someone today wearing this outfit and I thought to myself... "Wow, that outfit looks absolutely effortless yet still 'put together'."

I love it... It's totally my style.
[Remember my fashion muse? Lauren Conrad]

Are you waiting to shine?

Chelsea Talks Smack wrote an amazing post that left me almost speechless. I am not going to go too deep into it because I feel that you should read it yourself to get the most out of it. But it's about waiting to shine. I am 22 years old and at this particular time in my life, everything I am doing is only preparing me for my time to shine. It's as if I don't feel "worthy" of shining just yet... like I need to get everything in order first. Like she says, why not shine now? Time seems to fly by faster every day and just like I think "well, tomorrow I'll..." it seems to never change. It's always tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow. I want to shine now. I want to put my all into everyday. We seem to take advantage of the hope that tomorrow with come, because it usually does but what if it doesn't? Then you wasted all your time only waiting to shine... Do you want to look up halfway through your life and find yourself still waiting to shine? I know I don't. =)

Please, go read her blog :) Chelsea Talks Smack

**image by fred miranda**

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

My Skincare Routine

This is the skincare routine I use... I have super sensitive skin that likes to breakout VERY easily. I've had some real nightmares with it in the past!

Step 1: That's Deep Face Wash by Mark. Cosmetics - $7

I love this stuff! I like to use this in the morning as a gentle way to prep my face for the day. It is non-comedogenic, fragrance-free, oil-free, and allergy tested. It leaves my skin feeling soft and clean even before I apply the moisturizer! It lasts a while too... I've only bought 2 bottles in over a year!


Clean & Clear Deep Action Exfoliating Scrub - $5

I try not to use the exfoliating scrub for morning and night because I fear it will be too harsh on my skin. I use this product at night to remove all the dirt and makeup from the day. You can feel it working... your face tingles and just feels clean. It's addicting!

Step 2: Clean & Clear Advantage Acne Spot Treatment - $6

I use just a dab of this every morning & night... kinda as a way to keep my skin "in check." lol This is the ONLY product I use that contains an acne fighter (such as salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide) because I find that less is more... I used to pile on the acne fighters and I didn't notice a difference in my skin until cut them out.

Step 3: Matte Chance Moisturizer by Mark. Cosmetics - $15

I love love love this stuff. It leaves your skin silky smooth and it smells fantastic! I have NEVER found a moisturizer that works as well as this does! It's certainly a must-have for oily skin types.

I am a Mark. Cosmetics Representative. You can purchase the "That's Deep" face wash & the "Matte Chance" moisturizer in my store found at .

The Clean & Clear products... well, can obviously be found just about anywhere. lol

If oily skin isn't your main concern, don't worry! Mark. Cosmetics has great products for every skin type!

Lindsay's Mark. Store

**I'm not sure how long it will last but get FREE SHIPPING [on any size order] when you enter the code MOM2009**

Monday, July 20, 2009

Today has been a good day...

- I got my lil somthin' from this AWESOME girlie whom I adore =)
Did I mention that I LOVE it?? It totally made my day! Such a sweet letter too...

- I finally got my first issue of Bridal Guide! (the start of my free subscription)

- I got "asked out to dinner" for a date! lol [Sorry, I'm taken!]

- I got a free soda today at the post office :) lol

&&& the day is not even over!!!

And you know what I said to myself this morning? Seriously, I quote... "This week will be better than the last!"

I just might be right....

I am ready to move...

Right now, I reside here:

Corpus Christi, Tx

Looks great, right? No! I hate it and I SO want to be anywhere else at the moment... Ok, so maybe not "anywhere" but you get the point. Don't get me wrong... It's a great place to come visit. But living here is driving me crazy. It's been 3 years now so I think I've got a pretty good feel for this place.

1. WAY too many illegal aliens.
2. It's at least 2 hours from any other decent size town... so you're stuck here.
3. There's a stabbing pretty much every day... and no, I'm not joking.
4. It's too far away from home (for me). [It's 7 1/2 hours from Dallas]

I could go on... but I think you get the idea.

There are a few places that I would love to live for at most a year... (Who knows? I might LOVE it and want to stay! lol It would be hard to be that far away from my family though... I'm very close with my family)

Los Angeles, CA
This seems like a place where people go to chase their dreams... I'd like to hear the stories of where people came from and about their goals. It would be an interesting place I believe.

New York City, NY
Now this place, I could only stay for a bit I'm sure. Number 1, it'd probably be too cold for me. lol I hate the cold! I'm a Texas girl for goodness sakes! But I would love to stay for a bit... I'd love just to TRY to work for my favorite magazine or catch a broadway show.

San Francisco, CA
I've been here one time and I completely fell in love with it! It is such a beautiful place with lots of different kinds of people. I remember that everyone seemed so friendly... It's such a healthy place and very dog friendly! *sigh*

Realistically, this is where I'm headed...

Austin, Tx

I'd like to live by here :) Lake Travis

... and if we have a lot of money later, I'd love this backyard.

I can't wait!!!!!

Sunday, July 19, 2009


My fiance is the best :)

~ a massage
~ my favorite dinner (salmon & broccoli)
~ he made me go to the gym with him (b/c he knows I won't do it on my own)
~ and now he's in there doing dishes

Did I mention he agreed to massage my legs every day this week to see if it helps my spider veins? (yes... I have spider veins lol) They're not too bad but they bother me...

ah, my love <3

Friday, July 17, 2009

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Go Khloe!

She's dropped 20lbs and I think she looks fabulous!

She says:
"I try to do just 30 minutes of cardio, mandatory. Obviously if I have more time, I want to do weights, but really that cardio is what works for me because I'm bigger. Cardio is what leans me out, and it still works your muscle definition too. Any kind of cardio."

Read more about how she did it on US Magazine's website.

Monday, July 13, 2009

What's better than a CHI?


I got mine on for a little over $100

It is SO much better than the CHI! Don't get me wrong... the CHI flatirons are great but I know on my hair they seemed very rough, they would grab my hair (pull it out), and my hair wasn't as shiny as it is using Sedu.

&&& my hair is naturally curly


Old picture I found...

I forgot how much I liked this picture...

Friday, July 10, 2009

We picked up my wedding dress today!!

Yay! I got to go pick up my wedding dress today :)

I am so excited! Only (less than) 11 months left...

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Going home...

Going home this weekend... and I'm super excited. :)

I really miss these guys when I'm gone.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

ahahahaha! Me? A blog "babe" ??

I love the way the shirt & vest fit!! [Goodwill]
(The pants are Forever 21)

I was thinking I must've had some good [thrift] karma because just the other day my fiance and I took a whole box full of clothes there that we didn't need... :)

So, I was told that I was on some "blog babe" ranking and I had to go take a look. Now, while some chicks would be totally offended or whatever... not me! I laughed so hard! Check it out: July Blog Babes

I got some pictures of me and Dierks that turned out way too cute not to share!

Lastly, thank you so much for the hair tips [here] and I'm gonna try it out tomorrow!

I'll let you know!

I need some hair advice!!

I really want to know how to do this to my hair:


Any tips?

Goodwill Finds...

Jeans - $1
Shirt - $4
Vest - $1
Outfit Total = $6

... and that's why I love Goodwill :)

Monday, July 6, 2009

I think I've found my style muse...

I have always been a "jeans & tshirt" kinda girl...

But I'm working on my wardrobe... and I think I've found my style muse.

Lauren Conrad