Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Working Out - Crazy Cold - & Some Dr. Oz Knowledge!

Rather than sit on my butt all day - I decided to get up and do a little workout. I lasted 5 minutes doing Jillian Michaels' Yoga Meltdown so my fiancĂ©, brother, and I decided to take it to the gym.

My brother totally showed me up on those yoga moves. I couldn't even do this one!

Anyone want to go for a swim?

My brother thought he needed a little sun...

 I tried to make it look like I was tanning but it's hard to do fully clothed... lol It was below 20 degrees but it felt good since we'd just left the gym.

I'm trying to get in shape (especially by summer!) so I'm sitting on an exercise ball as I type this post lol 

A few things I learned from Dr. Oz today:

1. Best time to weigh yourself? First thing in the morning (Find out why)

2. Best time to exercise? In the morning before you eat (Find out why) *Once you eat, you have to burn what you just ate before you burn any fat

3. Best time to eat breakfast? An hour after you wake up (Find out why)


Erin Tagle said...

I braved the 20 degree weather (yes, it was that cold today!) in CC to hit bootcamp. This was after I ate myself to death earlier in the day. LOL

Yoga is ridic, huh? I mean, I am pretty fit and all, but those poses are crazy.... esp anything that Jillian M is associated with. Way to go, lady!

Lindsey said...

A couple things ... 1) You are skinny and don't need to lose weight!!! 2) Is your brother insane???? I walked to pay my apt rent without gloves yesterday night and my hands had the onset of frostbite. I'm not kidding!!! How is he outside not buddled up?? 3) Can't wait to read this Dr. Oz info. Thanks for sharing!