Wednesday, February 27, 2013

5 Things I Learned from Jennifer Lawrence

5 Things I Learned from Jennifer Lawrence

I have always liked Jennifer Lawrence but after watching her in a couple interviews... I freaking love this girl. She's super down-to-earth, witty, and just plain awesome. Here are a few things I've learned from her:

1. Always be yourself - ALWAYS
People will love you for it. I'm sure she's under so much pressure to be the typical poised, Hollywood starlet but she doesn't let it get to her. I can imagine how she acts now is exactly how she'd be if she wasn't famous. She's so natural and... human. It's refreshing.

2. Laugh at yourself
Don't take yourself too seriously. A little humor goes a LONG way. I absolutely loved the way she handled her Oscar speech and follow up interview. Humor is the best way out of an awkward situation.

3. Healthy looks better than skinny
This girl is not afraid of a cheeseburger. She doesn't care that she doesn't fit the size 0 prototype for the typical young Hollywood. She rocks her curves and I (along with a million others) think she's stunning. 

4. Be Real
This girl tells it like it is. You'd expect her to be a bit more formal but instead, she's candid and real. Why live life just trying to impress others?

5. Confidence is sexy
Don't worry about your size, weight, clothes, hair, makeup, etc... Seriously, confidence trumps all. 
i.e., Jennifer Lawrence

Watch this video... How can you NOT love this girl??

What's your favorite thing about Jennifer Lawrence?

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Emily said...

That was a great interview!

Holly said...

OMG she's so cute! This made me smile. :-)

Jayma DuChene said...

Very nice blog! Love your point of view :)

Many Blessings,
Jayma @

Kasey Lynne said...

I was in love with her BEFORE the Academy Awards, but now? I'm pretty much obsessed. I love how she's so real.