Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Dinosaur Valley & Fossil Rim in Glen Rose, TX

We went to Glen Rose this summer to visit Dinosaur Valley and Fossil Rim Wildlife Center. Glen Rose is only about an hour and half from where we live so one Saturday we decided to just take a short, overnight trip. After we settled into the La Quinta, we headed on out to the park. 

Dinosaur Valley is pretty neat. They've got the footprints roped off where you can find and see them in person! Unfortunately, our summers have been pretty brutal for the past few years so rain has been scarce. The water was pretty low and some of the areas were completely dried up. In my opinion, the park is a great place to hike or go chill with friends but it's not every "eventful". It was, however, a welcomed getaway from the city.

(Did you notice the chick about to bust her butt behind the hubby??) lol This picture always makes me crack up!

Afterwards, we went over to the Fossil Rim Wildlife Center. It's one of those places you drive through and the animals come up to your car. We bought the little food pellets from the main office and started on our way! 

This should've been our Christmas card last year lol

Feeding the giraffes... If you had a sunroof, they'd just stick their head on inside! I saw them do it to multiple cars. They are certainly not shy! 

As you can see in the lower, right-hand corner of this photo... I was not to fond of feeding most of the animals. They can get a bit aggressive. Not in a bad way, just enough to freak me out.

All in all, it was a great short getaway from the city last summer!

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Kasey Lynne said...

Oh my gosh how fun! I would be totally freaking out in that car too.