Saturday, February 9, 2013

Organization Tips for the Bathroom

Organization Tips for the Bathroom

- Know where to find your items
- Get ready faster in the morning
- Stress less with a clean & organized bathroom

I have to admit, I am guilty of letting our bathroom get out of hand. I like to keep my daily products within arm's reach. Well, this piles up when you start using something a little different every day. You start to end up with a bathroom that looks a bit like this:

It drives my husband crazy... Ok, and myself a bit too. I finally reach my breaking point and decided it was time to organize our chaos in the bathroom.


Now where did all that junk go?

1. Perfume:  I used to keep this out on the counter top but it just started to look like clutter. (Probably didn't help that it turned into a "catch all" for small products on the counter) I decided to keep it in the closet instead.

2.  Misc & Makeup:  I love these plastic storage drawers. Currently, the big one is for misc bathroom items (i.e., hair accessories, medicine, etc.). The smaller ones are FULL of makeup that needs to be sorted. I am terrible about throwing makeup away! When I try, I always seem to convince myself that I just might wear that lipgloss one day... the one I've had for 3 years and only touched once. 

3. Towels & Rags:  This section is set aside for towels and rags... well, except for the little makeup bag that ended up there. Oops! lol 

4.  Hair Tools & Products:  The white basket holds flat irons, curling irons, my blow dryer, and the pieces that go with it. I put my hair products in the smaller black basket. I like to be able to see everything easily.

A couple tips...

- Baskets are your best friend! I love having everything sorted and knowing exactly where to find the things I need!

- Keep your daily products hidden, but readily available. There are 2 drawers in my counter. I keep frequently used items in the drawer for ease (i.e., deodorant, q-tips, etc.) as well as my "daily makeup" in a small makeup bag in the drawer. (Get ready faster in the morning!)

- JUST THROW IT AWAY ALREADY. I'm a self-confessed beauty hoarder. I can't seem to part with some of my products just in case one day I want to use them! (Who needs 10 different face creams?? Especially someone with sensitive skin!) Throw away all the junk and you'll see a huge difference! *I'm preaching to myself her to be 100% honest.

Now, this is no where near "Pinterest worthy" or anything but it's realistic. It's still 10x better than before! Let's just wait and see how long I can make it last! lol

Oh, and the last thing... I am just loving my new soap dispenser! My Memaw got it for me for Christmas... she knows I love Paris & the Eiffel Tower.


Jessica said...

I recently did this too, it saves me about 10 minutes every morning!

Lindsay @ Bella Cene said...

@Jessica - Let's just see how long I can make it last! lol