Sunday, February 3, 2013

Fairies in a Jar: Pinned it. Did it... My Experience

Fairies in a Jar - My Pinterest Experience

When I found this tutorial on Pinterest I couldn't wait to try it with my sisters! It did turn out a little bit different but still a very neat project.

From Pinterest:

What you'll need:
- a mason jar with a lid
- a glowstick
- glitter

The Steps:
1.  Cut glowstick
2. Empty into jar
3. Add glitter
4. Seal and shake

*Tips & Lessons Learned:

- Snap the glowstick before cutting. 
The fluid (that glows) in the stick is contained in a glass tube. We first tried simply cutting the stick and it was basically impossible. After breaking it with wire cutters, we discovered it was much easier to snap the glass, cut, then pour.

- Buy a small piece of tulle to put in the jar. 
I bought some cheap tulle at Hobby Lobby. It catches the glitter and "glow" so you don't just have goo all over the glass jar.

- There will be shards of glass in the mason jar from the glowstick.
It's near impossible for there not to be. But it's okay, because once the mason jar is closed, it doesn't need to be reopened anyway.

Where I bought the items needed:
Mason Jars & Glowsticks:  Dollar Tree
Glitter & Tulle:  Hobby Lobby

  Final Thought:  It was a fun, easy project to do with the girls and they loved it! The image on Pinterest, however, has to be altered in some way.

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Anne said...

Where or how do you attach the tulle? Does it matter what color the tulle is?