Thursday, January 14, 2010

Paging Cesar Millan!

I need Cesar Millan

I need him to teach my dogs to understand English... maybe in full sentences?

Jake & Dierks
- I wish Dierks would not try to eat every person (no matter what size) he meets.
"Dierks, you are a mini-daschund... not a great dane. And no one is out to get you so you don't have to be so aggressive."

- I wish Jake would learn what "no" means.
"Jake, please stop eating our socks. When I take it away from you and firmly say 'NO' that does not mean... 'Sure! Try to eat it again!' It means STOP IT."

- I wish Dierks would sleep all night in his kennel.
"Dierks, you love your kennel during the day! You've got your nice comfy bed in there with your favorite blanket. The night is no different. I promise we'll be here in the morning! I wish you would be quiet and not whine and/or bark ALL night. You're going to get us a noise complaint."

-I wish Jake wouldn't get on the couch when he's wet.
"Jake, I'm not sure what it is about you when you are wet but you know you shouldn't jump on the couch! We don't want the 'wet dog' smell all in our couches. When I grab you to put you in the floor over and over... and over... that means DON'T get on the couch when you are wet."

- I wish you both would go to the bathroom when we take you outside.
"Sitting by the door and whining is what you do when you have to use the bathroom. I hate to take you out over and over only to have you take me for a wild goose chase for some leftovers or a bone you found from the last outing. And we REALLY hate this at 3am."

These are just a few behaviors I'd like to fix.

If you have a dog... what behaviors drive you crazy?


stilettolover91 said...

LOL!! I have a 4.5 year old shih-tzu and he's very quiet and calm but the only think that really ticks me off is when he needs to go for a walk and he start hiding behind the couches and under the table until we manage to catch him with a treat lol

The Pittman's said...

Oh my dogs need a miracle at this point. They do so many bad things, I don't have the energy to list them all...send Cesar to my house if you hear from him.

Thanks for following my new blog!

Monique said...

I have two dachshunds. One is a rescue and does exactly what your little man does! He thinks every little noise and person is out to get him, until they get into our living room and then he's fine with them. One thing we did to try and socialize him was we got him a muzzle so he couldn't bite people, but still able to eat/drink/etc. We also gave the people that came over a ton of treats for the two boys so they would associate new people with treats. It seems to be doing a little bit, but nothing miraculous yet. :/ Good luck!

Anonymous said...


Kimberly said...

hahaha I LOVE HIM!!
He is so amazing with dogs and he is the cutest guy EVER!!

quite contrary said...

my dog is horrified of ceiling fans...and they are in every room...I feel so bad for him!

Mel said...

I have a mini daschund too and from the sounds of it behaves exactly the same way as Dierks. I feel like I'm always online looking for new tips on training him.

The thing that drives me most insane is how he sprints all over the place when your trying to catch him to crate him or put him on his leash to go outside. This is especially annoying at 7am when I'm trying to leave for work. Lucky for him his cute behavior outweighs the bad.

Tamela said...

Oh gosh..well as you might know from my blog my dog is in heat so the little man is going nuts. That can drive you beyond insane!!!

Echo peeing on anything and everything if it resembles a corner.

Layla hitting me with that hammer of a tail over and over and over.

Gosh there are so many more!

But I do love my doggies very much.

Anonymous said...

Well I live with my Sister and her cat that drives me crazy. He likes to do whatever he wants. He shits wherever he wants too and usually that is right in front of the door so when we come home and step in the yea. I need a cat whisper.

MUG said...

I have all the same troubles with my dogs especially the last one. Especially in the winter you just think, REALLY? AGAIN? We just went to the dog park for an HOUR!