Friday, January 15, 2010

Mmm Chocolate Moltens at home!

Ok!! I have my first update on eating better/taking better care of myself... My fiancee and I went to the store last night and we bought fruits, vegetables, and healthy snacks [i.e. wheat thins, pretzels, an AWESOME macadamia/pistacio/cashew nut mix, bottled water (yes, I know it's pointless to buy bottled water but for me it tastes better and it's so much more convenient therefore I drink more water), a "healthy" version of orange juice, peanut butter (for apples and peanut butter!), and so on.

Usually, our store trips result in chips, oreos, mint milanos, [cookies in general], a case of Dr. Pepper, and ice cream, bagel bites or totinos pizzas, and other unhealthy crap.

Of course we weren't 100% healthy on this trip BUT you have to be able to treat yourself right?? Yes, that's right. Because if not [and you are like me] once you've been deprived... when you finally get a taste of the "evil" snack you go crazy. Therefore we also included bacon [my favvvvvvorite], and ingredients to make CHILI'S (not really "Chili's" but it's basically the same) CHOCOLATE MOLTENS!!!!!! [my favvvvvvvvorite dessert EVER!]

It's all about moderation...

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You wanna know too?? Watch this.


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Yum, I love that cake! A little cake never hurt anyone!