Saturday, January 16, 2010

Blonde vs Brunette

Originally, I planned this post to ask you all whether I should go blond(er) or brunette. However, in the making of this post... I made up my own mind. lol

I like myself blonde.

I've been on both ends of the spectrum


but I always feel more like myself as a blonde




This makes sense since I am/was a natural blonde (my hair darkens as I get older... boo)

{me pre-highlight days}

I still want to know what you think... blonde or brunette?

Any suggestions?


Ali said...

I think you look gorgeous both ways, and am not going to be any help at all, but am saying hi for moral support!!

I got 7 inches cut off my hair a week or so ago and realized I am no longer blond and have been debating this same thing ever since!!! ACK!!

Amy Lynn said...

blonde... for sure

Ali said...

Definitely blonde! Blondes have more fun...I know! :)

Brown Girl said...

I like the blonde!

bananas. said...

you look pretty with either bolor but i'm loving the blonde on you a little more.

Amber said...

Thanks for joining my blog! Yours is super cute!

PS - go with the blonde. It looks great on you. I am a natural blonde and my hair has also gotten darker as I've gotten older - but thankfully it's still blonde, just not as "bright" as I would like.

Happy Monday!

The Pittman's said...

i like blonde better, maybe a lighter shade of brown...???

Classy in Philadelphia said...

I LOVE you as a blonde! Gorgeous.

MUG said...

Definitely Blonde! You have such gorgeous natural color!