Thursday, January 7, 2010

Growing Up Gracefully - Miley Cyrus

These photos of Miley Cyrus are stunning... She's turning into such a gorgeous young woman.

I like Miley Cyrus. She cracks me up on Hannah Montana with her near-perfect comedic timing and she's real. Sure, she's had her not-such-a-good-idea moments but haven't we all? Yes. We have.

Get to know her here:
Harper's Bazaar - Miley Cyrus Interview


Kelley at My Island Wedding said...

She is quite lovely and you are so right... her comedic timing is great! Reminds me of I Love Lucy alot!!!

Lindsay said...

wow. those are good pics of her... im not a huge fan but she looks gorg! and i totally want my hair to look like that every day.

Sarah Alaoui said...

they put her on the cover??
well thats a big deal

she looks beautiful

Tamela said...

I have secretly watched Hannah Montana since it came out! I love that show and she is growing up beautifully.

Anonymous said...

I gave you something over at my blog.