Tuesday, January 26, 2010

How do you relax? What's in your "me" time?

With school and work in full swing - I've been stretched pretty thin lately. I am behind on some of my nightly readings for class and I seem to be living at my work every day I am not in class! After a bit, this becomes very stressful so I am going to have to set aside some ME time :)

Some of my favorite relaxing "techniques" -

Maybe it's the pictures? I don't know. lol But I love magazines. They always seem to catch my eye when I walk past them at the store. I love the gossip magazines, fashion, health and fitness... you name it. A few favorites: InTouch Weekly, Us Weekly, Life & Style, People Style Watch, Instyle, Marie Claire, Self, Seventeen, Cosmopolitan, Lucky, Shape, etc (you get the idea)

I love them all.

*I save paper by taking the magazines I've read to Half Price Books. They'll buy them as long as they aren't too outdated. Even though you don't get a lot of money, it's still nice to get a dollar or two for a good deed!*

Bubble Baths!
I love bubble baths. I get it from my mother, I'm sure. She takes a hot bath every night. (Seriously, every night) They are so relaxing. I like to read magazines in the bathtub too! lol (That's like a 2 for 1!)


I love that Chelsea Lately comes on every night. If you haven't watched her show... you should. My favorite is the "round table" talks at the beginning. Laughing works wonders. :)

How do you like to relax?


Brown Girl said...

I would take a bubble bath every single day if I could, I love them. And I love to drain the water and fill it back up with hot water over and over, ha!

Bridget said...

yes yes and yes!

Ali said...

All of these relax me too!

I went to a taping of Chelsea Lately last year. The woman is hilarious and crazy and I love her.

Ali said...

I love all of the above, and I love adding a new book and a HEAP of epsom salts to my bath!


Elizabeth Marie said...

Chelsea is hiiilarious. I like Chuey. hahaha

Anonymous said...

how do i relax? With you :) i wuv you babe

Geezees Custom Canvas Art said...

If i had more time...i would take a bubble bath with my hubby!