Monday, January 18, 2010

And the verdict rules - blonde.

Thank you to everyone who commented on my last post (here).

I do agree... I like myself better blonde. (Does that sentence even make sense?) Anyway, the next time I get to a hair appointment, I'd like to go for some of these shades :)

{via google}
I love love love Carrie Underwood. Her cuteness just appeals to me :) and she can SING.

{via google}
I love Heidi Klum's hair color here. Can you believe she's a mother to 3? (Is it 3 or 4 now? lol) Either way... she's still got it.

{victoria's secret}
I don't know who you are... but I want your hair.

{victoria's secret}
Love the natural, sun-kissed color to her hair. (whoever she is)
So, the other day I signed on and saw that I FINALLY hit over 200 followers! (Ok, 201 but I was STILL excited!) and over the past 2 days... it's dropped back down to 198. (It was 199 this morning) Bummer.

Just wanted to share that. lol Thanks to ALL of you who are (still) following!!!! It really makes me happy. :) Hmm... maybe I need to have a giveaway! ;)

I went to target with my fiancee, Justin, and saw a zebra tote that I fell in love with!! It's SO cute :) So, yesterday was my first shift at work as a server (not in training) and when I got off... I found this sweet baby sitting in my passenger seat waiting on me :) (He's got a spare key to my car so he just unlocked it and put it in there to surprise me)

Thank you baby SO much! I can't wait to use it tomorrow for classes!!

And tonight when I got off work, I had a text from him about a "surprise" waiting in the fridge... I come home to find it's crab legs from Red Lobster! YUM!

Well, tomorrow is the first day of class for me!! The first day of my journey to becoming a speech language pathologist! I can't wait to let you know how it goes. (From the titles of my courses... I may be in over my head but I'll just have to SWIM!!)


nuheila said...

All them look so good.I agree with your other readers,you should be blond!


Classy in Philadelphia said...

Cute tote!

Good luck with your first day of grad school...That's super exciting!

PS- Don't stress about the followers thing...I used to do it and it's just not worth it. The number fluctuates constantly!

Stefanie Grace said...

I've always said that if I went blonde, I'd want to be Jessica Simpson blonde, but in the meantime I'd rather stay a Penelope Cruz colour! Much lower maintenance!

Have fun at the hairdressers and hope school is fun! x

The Pittman's said...

I think that was my fault- I started following with my new username and dropped the other :( sorry.

Tamela said...

aw that is so adorable! He gets five stars!!!

Ali said...

Glad you decided on your hair color and that you're happy with am I!

And good luck with your classes. That is so exciting...aaand you've got a new bag to start it all off with! BAM. :)

Golden Stilettos said...

Your man is the perfect man! Purses and food.. he def stole my heart! xo

I'm a brunette but I completely agree with you and the Carrie Underwood color/style. Good Choice!

Loving your blog!

Tiffany said...

What a sweetie! Adorable bag!!

Anonymous said...

That was so cute of your boyfriend!

Good luck in school, and I love those shades of blonde! (Can you believe Heidi just had her FOURTH baby?!)

Amber said...

How sweet of him! I love coming home to surprises - you're a lucky girl!

bananas. said...

sun kissed blonde is my favorite. makes me wish i could pull it off but lord knows i can't.

good luck on your first day as a speech pathologist. that's awesome!

Brunch at Saks said...

Totally agree- I love all of the hair photos you posted! I have been blonde and brown as well, and just always feel better when I am blonde! Can't wait to see pics of your new color XOXO

♥ H ♥ said...

LOVE Carrie's hair!! Perfect color blonde too!!

mrs.mfc said...

love that bag!! I want it!!!