Saturday, February 11, 2012

How to Utilize Your Style Inspiration in Real Life

If you are like me, you follow A LOT of blogs, read A LOT of magazines, and see of lot of real-life women who dress the way you wish you could. Well, guess what... YOU CAN. I'm finally starting to figure this out I think. lol Here are a few tips that finally got my ball rollin' -

I read in "The No Brainer Wardrobe" that you should create a Style Inspiration board and pin any pictures that tap into your personal style. Not what you wear daily, but what you want to wear daily. I personally like to only pin outfits that I completely love. If it's just the shirt, I won't pin it. If it's something I know in real life I'd never wear (i.e., a short dress *bc I'm not a fan of my legs lol) then I don't pin it. I only pin complete outfits I would 100% wear. Of course, this is a personal preference! You learn a lot about yourself on Pinterest lol

Follow your favorite fashion bloggers. 

There are bloggers who hit the nail on the head when it comes to my personal style like Lilly's Style

Then there are bloggers who's style I admire but isn't necessarily "me". These are the blogs that I suggest you follow to gain inspiration, then tweak their personal style to make it yours. A lot of times, I'll love the top she's wearing, but I'd switch the shirt for skinny jeans or something more "me". Maegan is a perfect example. 

My last piece of advice is only shop for the items you NEED. And make a list! Shopping can be overwhelming but when I look at all the outfits on my "Style Inspiration" board, I clearly see the items that I need to buy. (i.e., black skinny jeans, denim shirt, brown/black riding boots, etc) Dig around in your closet and try to create outfits you've never worn before. You would be really surprised at what you already own!

Hope this helps :)

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Claire Kiefer said...

I bought the No Brainer Wardrobe too, but I haven't read it yet . . . this encourages me to! I need to get out of my comfort zone (i.e. dresses every single day) when it comes to my wardrobe. Pinterest is definitely a good place to start!