Saturday, February 20, 2010

It's 3am and I just can't sleep...

I have a dentist appointment on Monday but until then, I'm taking hydrocodone (pain medication) to help until Monday rolls around. So I took some earlier today and passed out and I didn't wake up until after 6pm!! THEN, I had a cup of coffee when I got up because I was craving the hazelnut coffee I'm addicted to. lol Therefore, it's 3am and I am WIDE awake.
Unfortunately for me, tomorrow I work a DOUBLE shift at work. :/ I need to get to sleep.

But until then!!! I want to share some great deals I scored today while I was out shopping :)

I've been searching for the perfect motorcycle, or "bomber", jacket since before Christmas! I finally found THE ONE today at Kohls.

This baby is on sale this weekend for only $22!! (Originally $58)

Oh, fyi - Kohls is having a HUGE sale this weekend. It only last 3 days!!


I got these super cute flats at Walmart for only $9.

I haven't decided if I love them or not... I don't know how I feel about the pointy toe just yet. I may return them and head over to Target who's got some super cute flats I've been eye-ing. [like these, ooh! Or even better... like these!]

Now I MUST try to get some shut-eye.

*One last thing! I've got some boots up for auction on Ebay now... Go check it out! I'll post about it later :) [SUPER CUTE BOOTS ON EBAY]*


accidentally, kle said...

aww those boots are so cute - and i LOVE that you posted a picture of Jake on the listing!!

Kendra said...

I am loving that jacket. I love the idea ofa leather jacket, but I CAN NOT pull it off. Lol. You look great. I love the zebra shoes too.! (I'd totally get them.!)

Ali said...

You scored some DEALS! Well done, my friend. That jacket is bad ass.

Hope the dentist isn't too bad!

Monique said...

Love the jacket! As far as the shoes go, I think they are super cute! I used to hate pointed toe shoes, especially flats. I felt like a witch or something! Now, it's what my eye goes towards! They look super cute and add interest to the outfit, I think at least :)