Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Reorganization of my handbag :)

If your handbag is (or was) anything like mine... it's full of loose lipgloss, trash, receipts, coins, etc all lost in the bottomless black hole that is your purse! I could NEVER find what I was looking for and it started to get reallllllly annoying.

[Sorry, there's no before picture because I didn't think about it until after I cleaned my purse!]

Here's my purse after a little spring cleaning :)


You never really realize just HOW MANY lip products you have until you squeeze them into 1 bag! [I managed to also fit some powder and 1 tube of mascara in there as well lol]

Let's say... you wake up late and have to rush out the door (even for just errands)! At least I've got the essentials: facial powder, mascara, and lipgloss.

Another plus to storing these products in a separate bag is that if one decides to leak or something... it doesn't ruin the bottom of your purse!

The back side of my overstuffed lip gloss bag... lol [Notice it's completely different than the front side! Way too many lip products... lol]

And ironically... ANY time I go to the store, what's the first thing I look at? LIP GLOSS. Seriously, I have a problem.

"Hi. My name is Lindsay and I am addicted to lipgloss."

My "emergency" kit... (Those are my medications from the root canal)

My "emergency" kit includes: hand sanitizer, medication, BC pills, tampones, mini-pads, a Red Lobster wet towelette (you never know!)... I'm sure I'll find items to add to it.

My iPod and headphones.

My headphones would ALWAYS get tangled up in my purse... especially with other items. This way, I know exactly where they are and they'll be nice and neat :)

Now this is what you see when you look in my purse! It's much better knowing where everything is!! [wallet, phone, makeup (mainly lipgloss lol), camera, "emergency" kit, pens/pencils, gum...] Oh, and for my receipts/loose paper - I keep them together with a paper clip (for now, until I find a better way to organize them). I don't like them in my wallet because they clutter it... My wallet is [surprisingly] extremely organized!!!

Now for how long this will last... we shall see. :)


Kendra said...

Whenever I get a new purse it is SO hard changing everything over just because it is such a mess. I have purse's stocked away with stuff still in them because I didn't think I needed it or just didn't see it. I love finding new things.

~ Kelly Ann ♥ said...

Question- did you like Boots No7 Intelligent Balance Mousse Foundation? Love to know your review- I'm in need of good mouse foundation-love your blog btw