Sunday, March 7, 2010

Did you not notice the ring first?

{my own picture}

Last night, I left work with 2 more phone numbers than I had going into work. One guy wrote it on the bottom of his receipt then hauled ass out of the restaurant and the other actually had the balls to write me a cute little note and wait for an answer to his face.

This is all fine and dandy and honestly, I'm flattered... but I can't help but wonder if guys even check for a ring anymore??? Or maybe they do notice it but is it common for women these days to wear a ring on their left hand ring-finger anyway? I never wore a ring there until I got engaged so maybe it's a fad I'm unaware of. Or sadly, maybe infidelity is so common today that they figure, engaged/married or not... they may still have a shot.

How common is cheating around you? I was beyond shocked last night when a few guys I work with asked me if I were gonna call any of the guys that left their phone number. One guy said he's gotten so many phone numbers from super hot girls that have made him consider cheating on his girlfriend. (WHAT? SERIOUSLY? Douche.) and after I said a shocking, "Um, NO. I'm engaged. duh." another guy replied with, "Damn, it's nice to see someone still has morals!" (Luckily for him, he said it like it's a good thing) But seriously! Why be in a relationship if you're obviously unhappy therefore willing to cheat?

Does a ring on the left finger mean anything anymore? Or is it just misinterpreted?

What do you think?


BakerGirl said...

That is just weird! I haven't noticed alot of women wearing rings on their left hand who aren't engaged or married so I would chalk it up to lax morals and our f'd up culture.

How sad!

Kendra said...

I know a few of my friends that wear rings on their left hand ring finger. I don't get it. I never do and never have.

I think guys don't care anymore. They really think "Im so cool they will want me anyway." Makes me sick.!

Addict said...

First of all, your ring is gorgeous!

Now on cheating, I think it is sadly more common than we would like to think. The problem with engagement rings is that you are not married without the band, so guys still see a window of opportunity.

I have heard of engagement rings actually being a turn on for guys! It makes you more of a challenge, but not completely impossible (again because you are not married yet). They consider it a test of their awesomeness. Come on guys... go after the single ones!

Adorably Distracted... said...

Apparently it doesn't mean anything anymore to some. Last weekend I was in AC and after I told a guy 3 times that I was married he tried to run his hand up (and under) my skirt on my thigh... I turned around and let him have it. I was pissed! and so was my husband. It really makes me mad when guys don't respect that. It's one thing to nicely offer your number or say something nice and then once you've mentioned your engaged or married they just say ok and it's a simple nice gesture. BUT, some people just dont know what being married/engaged means anymore!

other then the club, none of my close friends cheat (that I know of). I think it's a very ugly personality trait if someone is a cheater.

Good post!

~ Kelly Ann ♥ said...

That ring is fabulous!!! BTW- I thought the same thing about Sauve cond. but it really works- works better than my Bumble & Bumble cond.- So give it a try- you will love it!

Jbreezybaby said...

Guys these days..*shakes head*... to me it still meant something, definitely. Some guys prolly like to mess around with ya to see whether u give in or not. But thats just fcked up right there.

Love your ring btw!

Kristin said...

I don't know why, but for some reasons some guys seem not to care. So weird. Gorgeous ring!

bananas. said...

i think the ring is irrelevant to guys like that. they could care less and i bet they too are married. jerkoffs!