Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Intelligent Balance Mousse Foundation - Review

(without flash)

My color is "New Ivory"

I didn't blend the product too much into my hand because I was hoping you could see the type of finish it has - I applied it to the right side. (It looks much more natural blended in)

I may be the only one who sees the color difference because I know it's there - it may differ depending how your screen transmits the image.

I am very satisfied with this product.

The coverage is good - not cakey.

It has a powder-soft finish - a very "airy" type feel.

*It doesn't break out my super sensitive skin!*

Compared to Maybelline's Mousse Foundation - Boots No7's Mousse is most definitely superior! Even my fiance noticed the quality difference when I asked him to compare both products. (Now when a MAN can tell the difference - you know it's good! lol)

The first time I used this Intelligent Balance Mousse Foundation in my makeup routine, my fiance walked in and he says, "Whoa - that looks good. Your skin looks really soft!" lol

Like I said, when a MAN notices a difference - you know it's good.

Basically, I love it.

I bought this product with my own money, it was not given to me to review. I tried it out on my own judgements. This is my honest opinion. I am not a skincare/makeup specialist - my claims are not facts. They are my perception of this product as a result of my experience using it. No one is paying me to post this review. (I wish!) lol


~ Kelly Ann ♥ said...

I'm sold- Great review. I'm mostly likely the same color as you- What color did you wear in MAC NW20? Thxs


bananas. said...

mousse foundation, huh? i have yet to venture into that but after reading your review, i just might :)

Latoya O'Neall said...

I have a question...does this have spf in it? I'm allergic to any cosmetic products that contain spf...thanks!