Wednesday, March 24, 2010

What was the "it" toy when you were a child?

Sunday was my little sister's 8th birthday.
She opted out of having a birthday party in order to get the American Girl doll she's been eyeing for months. Yes, an 8 year old would rather have a doll than a birthday party. lol

Sarah and "Josie" - her daughter (well that's what Sarah calls her lol)

I didn't quite understand why she wanted this doll so badly but I thought it was so adorable how as we walked through the mall, I overheard little girls whispering "Mom! She's got an American Girl doll!"

I remember when I was younger, the "hot" toy to have was the Tamagotchi and you betcha I had one! Remember these??

Man that picture brings back memories... to think that back then this little toy was high-tech for a kid and now kids are carrying around iPhones.

What was the "it" toy when you were younger?


k. said...

Definitely Tamagotchi! And Furbies! And those robotic dogs!!

Ali said...

Oh man, I remember the Tamagotchi! I went to the store and they were sold out so we had to order one. Devastating!

Claire Kiefer said...

Ohhhh I definitely remember the Tamagotchi! But I also remember the classic American Dolls being very highly desired . . . I read all the books, and one glorious Christmas I got the brunette beauty, Samantha, from the original American Doll girls. :)

Ali said...

CUTE picture!!

I always loved Madam Alexander dolls - still think of buying myself one every now and then, but haven't done it.

JKreids said...

Do you remember Gak?! or Pogs?


accidentally, kle said...

aww she is so adorable!

And YES!!! I remember Tamagotchi! Never got my hands on one unfortunately! There were also Cabbage Patch Kids that were all the rage: do you remember them?!