Sunday, June 14, 2009

Kathy Kaehler - Fitness Expert

I was reading BRIDES magazine when I came across this short article and I thought I HAVE to share this with my blog friends :)

The article features 3 trainers and they explain 3 different ways to achieve losing 20lbs in 12 months. I'm not necessarily in the market for a whole 20lbs but what I read from Kathy was just so simply put and practical.

Exercise Tips:
Seize the Day - Concentrate on activities that are a part of your daily routine (like walking the dog) and do them for extended periods of time.

Flex Appeal - Hit the gym at least 3 times a week. Weight training is a must to build muscle. Use 5-to 10-pound weights and do at least 10 repetitions of curls, squats, and lunges.

Belly Buster - The plank - an exercise in which you prop yourself on your elbows to form a flat bridge, tighten your tummy, and hold the pose for at least a minute - is the best way to strenghthen your abs. Include 3 during each workout.

Diet Tips:
Prime Examples - Pack in protein (fish, skinless poultry, lean meats) at every meal - it helps you feel fuller longer by stabilizing your blood sugar.

Carbs Are Not the Enemy - Refined sugar and white flour are villains because they add no nutritional value to your food. Embrace healthy carbs (things made from whole grains), nuts, and fruit.


stilettolover91 said...

really kool! i'm not overweight though i go to the gym often, so i dont really need this but it's great thnx 4 sharing with us!

miss amy said...

Makes sense. Simple and practical advice.
Thanks for sharing.


♥ H ♥ said...

This is great! Thanks for sharing!

Hollyrocks said...

Thanks for this post! I take a great interest in nutrition and fitness, and you have included two things in this post that I think more people need to know. First, lifting weights is a good thing! Women act like they are scared to tone their muscles because it will bulk them up when in fact, building muscle can firm up certain areas of the body making them look SMALLER. My arms are much more slender since I have been lifting weights.

And secondly, I am so glad that the low-carb craze is starting to unwind a little. Carbs are not the devil, you simply need to make sure you're getting the good ones. Accurate information is something that is not always abundant when it comes to weight loss, so I appreciate what you did here!

Kym said...

nothing works for me... my love for food overpowers everything. haha! if you try it, let us knw how it goes though! :)

Christie Cottage said...

20 pounds in 12 months sounds like a breeze!

It's those 20 pounds in 1 month...whew!

Patty Ann said...

I'm bootcamping myself to squeeze into my dress - these tips are awesome as well!

Ali said...

Love this - it's so simple and so do-able. Thanks for sharing!

Tracy-Girl said...

Good advice... I love those bride magazines!