Friday, June 5, 2009

A Good and Bad Day

Well, today's been a good and bad day...

The good:
- I got to pick up a shift at Tx Roadhouse (so I made a little $$$)
- I sold a necklace from my Etsy shop - Bella Cene'
- I came home tonight to a blog award!!!!
- I got to talk to my mother tonight for about 25 minutes. (this means a lot to me because lately she's been upset with me and not really speaking to me so I've been a complete wreck this week because I don't like it when she's upset with me so I was very happy to hear from her)
- A table at work wrote this on the top of their credit card slip (that they give back to me): "This is the BEST server we've ever had here!"

The bad:
- My friend/roommate got into a car accident today (everyone's ok... a jeep was swirving and hit his tail end and Jack did a 180 on the highway but praise God no one was hurt)
- My fiance JUST fixed his truck last Thursday and it was $800. His truck broke AGAIN today... damn water pump.
- I had to go pick up a shift at the Tx Roadhouse (now my legs hurt really bad)

My award - given to me by Heather at Small Town Girl

Thanks so much! :) It just made my day!

And I sold this today:

Sorry but I only have one... and now it's gone to live with a girl named Ashley in Tennessee.

Check out my website for more good stuff :)

Bella Cene'


Chelsea Talks Smack said...

Congrats on the necklace! just found your blog, cheers!

M.J. said...

Money in, money out....that's life.

Congrats on your sale! I hope one day you can quit the service industry and focus solely on your jewelery business, even if you are the "BEST server ever"! LOL

Christie Cottage said...

Congrats on the sale and the extra $$$.

Glad you were able to talk with your Mom.

Hope today's list has more good than bad :-)

Rachel said...

Congrats on the blog award and sell!!

Bummer about the truck. It seems that way for my and my husband too. ARGH~

yours truly... said...

With the good, always comes the least it isn't too bad! ;) Congrats on the much deserved award lady!

Ali said...

Way to take the good with the bad! Love the necklace.

Elizabeth Marie said...

Congrats on the award and the Sale! I'll have to check out your shop!

When I was a server, those kind of notes would make my whole crappy night so much better! Thats so funny.

I'm glad the good outweighed the bad! XO

kitty kouture said...

My name is Ashley and I live in TN, but I don't reckon that necklace is coming to me :(

I just found your blog and jewelry! Loving it!!! :) xx

Keeley said...

The good sounds absolutely AMAZING! Congrats on the sale, that necklace is too cute... sorry to hear that is the only one.

Hope you having a fab weekend!

Kristin said...

I worked at the Roadhouse in college. Ahhhhhhh. Memories. I'm loving the look at that necklace so I'm off to check out your shop!