Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Outfit Post & Giveaway Reminder

We went to my aunt's for a swim party on Memorial Day. However, I didn't have shorts or a swimsuit with me when I came into town for this week and a half. I really didn't see the point in buying a new swimsuit (I already have 4 or 5 since I live by the beach) so I went and bought a pair of shorts last minute only to find out the day of the party that they don't fit. I'm no fashionista but here's the outfit I resorted to:

White undershirt - Walmart $4
Zebra tank top - Forever 21 $8
Jeans - Charlotte Rousse $20

[I apologize for the horrible quality/lighting! I got click-happy in the photo editing software (it needed to be brightened just a bit) and I accidently hit a wrong button and hit "save" when I needed to hit "undo."]

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