Monday, May 12, 2014

Tips for Dressing Your New Mommy Body

I am going to get real candid right now... I have had a very hard time accepting my new body after having my baby boy in December. None of my previous clothes fit me comfortably anymore so I went out and bought a basic wardrobe so I could have something to wear besides sweats! I'm sure any moms out there can relate!

Here are a few tips I have to dressing your new body:

1. Proportions

One of the most common trouble spots for new moms is the mid-section.

I have found that skinny jeans and loose tops are my go to! HONEST MOMENT HERE. lol I gained 50lbs in my pregnancy! I dropped 20lbs pretty effortlessly... but these last 30lbs are hanging on for dear life is seems! lol I am still bigger now that I have ever been. A loose top disguises the extra tummy "love" leftover from your little one and skinny jeans balance the proportion.

2.  Color

I have always had large hips. Now, I have super "birthing" hips. haha I wear darker wash jeans and I prefer a pop of color on top. This pink shirt is one of my favorites! I also prefer 3/4 sleeves since my arms are a little thicker than I would like still... I find it to be the most flattering length.

3. Accessorize!

Add accessories where you want attention. Big earrings or a statement necklace keeps the eyes off your stomach and/or hips!

And lastly... a little shopping tip:

Don't shop by size. Shop by how it feels and looks! I bought all my post-pregnancy clothes from Kohls. I tried on every single item before I bought it. Some tops looked better in XL than an L... and vice versa. I tried on two different brands of jeans at Kohls and both were size 14. The pair I'm wearing above are a 14 (by Lauren Conrad) and the other pair about fell to my ankles! lol

Remember, your body may not resemble anything close to what it used to be! Mine sure isn't... but you brought in a beautiful life! When I'm getting down on my body image, I look at my baby boy and every stretch mark and pound is all worth it. We'll eventually drop the weight, but there is no point obsessing over it!


Beautygirl24 said...

It's so good to hear from you again! I'm not sure if I've been missing your updates or what! These are all great tips for anyone! I also have a larger bottom, so skinny jeans in a dark wash and a lighter or bright top is a nice balance. :)

Sarah, How My World Runs said...

Great tips, keep at it and you will get the weight off that you want. My baby is 12 and I wouldn't trade any of my stretch marks for her! :-)