Wednesday, May 14, 2014

My Birth Story

My husband and I had our first child on December 28, 2013. Up until that day, one of my biggest fears was childbirth. Luckily, I had a DREAM experience! I wanted to share my story...

I went in for an induction on Friday, December 27. You can't tell by this photo... but I was FREAKING out. Still, we were so excited to meet our little man. It had been a long 9 months! Anyone who's had a baby knows... the last month or two are... the... LONGEST. lol My husband and I decided to go on our last date before the baby to the place where it all began. Our first date:  Red Lobster. lol

We got to the hospital by 6pm, like we were told. Once I got changed into my beautiful (sense the sarcasm?) hospital gown, that's when it all hit me. I broke down in tears! I had never been so afraid in my life! Just like I handled all the other uncomfortable parts of the pregnancy, my husband prayed with me and I was just going to take it moment by moment. Honestly, I was most afraid of the epidural and I thought to myself, "You don't HAVE to get the epidural." 

The nurse came in, got my IV hooked up and the heart monitor on my belly to keep up with Luke's heart rate.  Hint - make sure you get your IV in the OPPOSITE hand you typically use! I'm right handed and for some reason, let the nurse put it in my right hand and then I had to sign a bunch of papers and other stuff. It was so difficult and uncomfortable. Next time, I'll definitely get it in the left hand. lol

Here's where it gets exciting:

The nurse put this pill in my "lady parts" (lol). It's supposed to dissolve and soften the cervix. The nurse warned me that the pill can cause cramping. After about an hour, I started having mild period-like cramps, so I asked for my first dose of pain medication through the IV. Earlier, the nurse has given me an Ambien so I could get some rest before the big day. I woke up after a little bit because the cramps were back. They weren't terrible. I was breathing through them like I'd always heard and read. Honestly, I've had period cramps worse than these. The nurse checked me and I was actually in labor and dilated to a 4! She offered the epidural but I was reluctant. Luckily, she convinced me to get it now instead of later... and I'm glad I did! Here's the timeline from the epidural:

4:00am:  I got the epidural. Was not at all like I was expecting! Didn't hurt and was over rather quickly. 
4:30am:  My water breaks! I'm at 6cm
5:00am:  I'm dilated to a 10!! My mother and doctor were nowhere to be found. lol
5:30am:  The doctor and my mom finally arrive. It's time to push!
6:06am:  My beautiful baby boy is here!

I am so blessed with such a smooth birth experience! I am so happy that I only had to have the epidural in for just a couple hours. Luckily, I didn't have any of the terrible side effects I'd read about! I loved my doctor so much. Ironically, he's known me since I was a little girl. lol He delivered all of my siblings! (all 5 of them!) I trusted him 100%. 

Look how happy he is!

Daddy & baby Luke:

Oh. my. gosh. The drive home was the scariest drive of my life! It felt like every car was so close to us! My husband typically drives pretty fast and "knows his truck well". lol I'm pretty sure he barely touched the speed limit. lol I was so relieved to make it home!

No matter how you choose to give birth (naturally, medicated, at home, hospital, birth center, etc)... our goal is all the same:  a healthy baby.

No matter how you choose to have your baby, you're a good mom.

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I hope I can only get so lucky, seemed so smooth!