Thursday, May 22, 2014

A Throwback to my Pregnancy - Throwback Thursday

I am a little sad that I took my hiatus from blogging basically throughout my entire pregnancy. I wish that I would have wrote about the different stages. It was such an interesting time! This post is just a little "Throwback Thursday" about my pregnancy in general.

I was extremely lucky, or blessed, with this pregnancy.  Little-to-no morning sickness. For the longest time, I couldn't wait until I could feel him move just so I could feel pregnant! lol In the beginning, I knew something was up. My skin started to break out like I was a teenager again. I was extremely tired... I mean, falling asleep like I had narcolepsy at times! lol I was so, so tired in the beginning! I took two tests - one on a Friday (negative) and another on the following Monday (positive). 

I was considered "high risk" due to elevated hormones. I had to see a specialist weekly the last two months which got pretty stressful. However, I did love getting a sonogram monthly then weekly! I got to see him grow and develop before my eyes. It was pretty neat! The first part of the pregnancy goes by pretty fast... but the last month seems to drag on! I think that's pretty normal for most women. 

Pregnancy was pretty incredible! Growing human life inside of you. We definitely want more kids, but not any time soon! lol I'm still working on getting my pre-baby body back. Next time, I want to take better care of myself. Exercise more. Not gain as much weight. My goal is to get to my goal weight before our next baby. 

Wish me luck. ;) I'm not 21 anymore! lol

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