Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Declutter Your Life :: Closet Edition

My husband is quite the handyman... so his gift to me for Mother's Day is that he's going to re-do my closet! He's going to building a custom closet for me, BUT first I had to clean it up.

cluttered chaos

empty the closet

neat & organized

I enlisted the help of my good friend who owns Southern Maids. She organized my clothing by sleeve length and color. I got rid of a lot of clothes. I was holding on to items from college just in case I magically drop 50lbs or something. lol I decided to get rid of anything that was way too small. I'll slowly build up my wardrobe again :)

Here are a few tips:
- buy a cheap shelf for your shoes
- displaying items give you a boutique feel
- get rid of the clutter
- everything must have a place
- maintenance! Take the extra time to keep clothing & shoes in order

Do you have any organization tips?


Stevie Hanna said...

Cute! Love the tips. My closet is so small that no matter how many times I've organized it, I must say that space helps! Way to go ;)

Lauren said...

Looks great! I can't wait to move and have a walk in closet! Mine is wayyy too small!

Ashleigh.Michelle said...

Thank you so much for telling me. Thanks for stopping by and following. And yes, they are my real lashes. God has really blessed me there. Thanks for commenting. Following you back! :D

Ashleigh.Michelle said...

Thanks again for telling me about the GFC problem. I have now fixed it! I'm actually proud of myself that I could figure how. :D

MakeMeUpMia said...

Looks fabulous!! I keep all of my shoes in clear plastic containers in my closet floor. Helps me keep them uncluttered and I can see them :)