Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Happy Birthday to my fiance!! [& what hair dryer do you suggest?]

Ok... so his birthday was yesterday :/ oops.

No!! Of course I didn't forget! We were just busy with school then my little brother's band concert so we didn't really get to do anything. My fiance was feeling kinda bummed out but he didn't know what I had in store for him tonight ;)

He's had his eye on this margarita machine for a while :) I must say that 1. He certainly was surprised!! and 2. It does make some great margaritas!

and then he found this:

Ok, so maybe I treated myself for being such an awesome fiancee and getting him the margarita machine he's wanted forever... I couldn't help myself! I wasn't leaving the store without this sequin purse :)


So, I'm wanting a new blow dryer but I want one that -

1. Isn't too expensive
2. Dries FAST
3. Helps eliminate frizz for when I straighten my curly hair

Any suggestions??? [My cosmotologist friend suggests Revlon hair dryers for the most bang for your buck...and the sales guy at Ulta suggested a Rusk hair dryer.]

What do you recommend?


Kendra said...

OMG.! I have the same margarita maker.! So worth the money spent.! Love it.! (:

Tracy-Girl said...

Haha... the Margarita maker looks fun! I think we have one similar! Happy Birthday to your man. I have a conair hair dryer, and it works just fine!

Lisa said...

I have a Rusk Speedfreak. I think it definitely helps with decreasing frizz and it works a little faster than a cheap one. But I don't know what it's really worth the huge amount they charge for it. Sometimes Ulta will have a 20% off coupon and then it wouldn't be so expensive.