Thursday, March 3, 2011

Feeling uninspired - but I discovered an amazing new style blogger!

I am SO over winter. Finally we have some gorgeous weather here in Dallas and that even depresses me because I'm stuck inside an office building all day long. Do you ever get in a funk that you have to literally crawl out of?? That's how I feel! 

I'm uninspired. 

I throw on the same clothes everyday for work. (Ok, not literally the "same" clothes but definitely the same outfits every week lol) My legs disappear next to anything pale or of an ivory shade. I throw my hair up in the same tight bun every morning. I need a change!! 

I was introduced to J's Everyday Fashion through Technical Support. Her style is impeccable and what I like to consider "so me." lol She's the perfect style inspiration for myself! You've definitely got to go check out her blog. She's all about style on a budget ($250/month to be exact!). 

I plan to get myself a bottle of self-tanner and start really working on my daily attire. 

Wish me luck! 

Let me know what you think about J's Everyday Fashion! Also, I'd love to know who your favorite style bloggers are... Who exercises your favorite style?


Lindsey said...

I absolutely love this girl's style! "So me" too. My favorite style blogger is Miss Melissa .... I love her! She's so sweet and her style is super cute and perfect in my opinion.

Kristin said...

you look good in every one of those pix!!