Monday, March 7, 2011

Closet Organization - I'm finally done (I think) & some tips!

I finally got around to cleaning the closet! It's not perfect by any means but I did do some major organizing :)



Just a glimpse:

Jewelry, shoes, & other pretty things:
*I highly recommend the Lauren Conrad "Style" book!

I arranged his side from pants to short sleeves to long sleeves...

All of my shirts - arranged from no sleeve to long sleeve then T-shirts in the very back...

Purses, cardigans, sweaters, scarves...

Intimates, PJs, some of his clothes, and his shoes: 

His shoes:

I love how nice this looks! (I'm working on building my shoe collection... hehe)

The mood finally struck tonight and reorganized the closet.  A few of my tips:

1. Organize your shirts no sleeve to longest sleeve. 
- You'll never be able to find that cute, sleeveless shirt buried behind the sweaters!

2. Shoes as art? Leave em' where you can see em'!
- This way, you'll see all of your shoe options every day...

3. Fold your sweaters.
- You don't want those pesky little hanger humps on your shoulders.

Basically - Try to keep things accessible. I plan to create some of my favorite outfits from my wardrobe and keep a photo journal so I know what's in there! 


Lindsey said...

Looks great girl! Don't you feel so much better now? I do long sleeve on top and short sleeve on a rack below it. I can't imagine having them mixed together, what a nightmare!

Secondly, I saw that LC Style book at Borders @ Park & Preston on sale. Is it work the buy? All the books in there are 25% off because it's closing. Should I go back and get it?!

Happy Monday! I'm sick of this wine. WAAAAH!

Cupcakes and Cosmopolitans said...

Looks good! I love looking at organizined closets, everything just looks all pretty/neat.
I wish I had a walk in closet. My closet is super small, totally not fair since my parents have two walk in closets in there room.


Erin Tagle said...

"Trying to grow my shoe collection" .. bahahaha - love it! :)

Melissa: Write it in Lipstick said...

Wow I need your closet and I am loving your OOTD

Ashley said...

wooohoooo! way to go girlll! Love organization! :) come do my closet?! :)