Sunday, November 7, 2010

What I Want: Fall Edition

Fall has finally arrived in Dallas! I'm so excited but totally bored with my current wardrobe. It's not very "fall friendly" to say the least. I've always been the type to just throw on a hoodie over my tshirt and jeans but this fall I have a "real" job so I have a reason to dress up! The way I see it - I need these cute clothes for work so I might as well wear them on the weekend!

I'm really into tights this fall. I have NEVER been a "tights" person but I love the look!

Style&Co sweater dress - $24.98
I 'Heart' Ronson dress - $24.99 (sale - orig. $50)

I am actually going to the mall after lunch today to pick up some skinny belts. I love the way these belts placed at the waist can change the whole look! I went to Charlotte Russe yesterday and found a 3-pack of them for only $10! (I didn't buy any because the particular store I went to didn't have the colors I wanted)

Look from JCPenney

I LOVE this cozy look for the weekend (or even casual Friday!)

Look from Macy's
Vintage Suzie sweater - $29.99 (sale - orig. $48)

This dress would be great for work! My work environment is business casual so I would pair this with a cozy cardigan to downplay the dressiness. I do feel as if I would be a little dressed up compared to the people I work around but you know what they say! "Dress for the job you want, not the job you have." Plus, you never know when you're going to come face-to-face with an executive and you don't want to look frumpy right??

Jones Wear dress - $23.99 (sale - orig. $80)

I have 2 black cardigans. One is overwashed and the other is ill-fitted. I really need a good, fitted cardigan.

Worthington cardigan - $11.99 (sale - orig. $36)

Now to the fun part! SHOES!!!

I've decided I should go ahead and buy some little black booties since I've wanted a pair since LAST YEAR. I have a general rule when shopping to avoid impulse buys - wait, and then buy. That way you know if you really want them or not!

Worthington 'Tallulah' shoe - $49.99 (sale - orig. $80)

And it's hard to believe but I do not have a pair of simple black pumps. I'll work on buying a pair of these before any other shoes.

Steve Madden pumps - $59.25 (sale - orig. $79)

I love YouTube. I watch beauty related videos all the time (they are very helpful!) and I've recently discovered a YouTuber who not only does beauty videos, but WORK outfits of the day as well!! She has a great sense of style in the office! She definitely knows what's "office-chic"

Check her out - RachMartino

One of my favorite looks: Dress down a pencil skirt with a basic tshirt

What are some of your fall must-haves??

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Kendra said...

I love sweater dresses and can not wait to wear them.!!