Monday, November 8, 2010

Outfit of the day - Sunday lunch with the fam

I woke up Sunday and said to myself, "Ok, you've got two choices. You can put on your typical jeans, tshirt, and hoodie... or your can choose something cute."

And this is what I ended up in -

This is actually two different shirts - the purple tank is from New York & Company and the lace tank is from Express (However, I found them both at Plato's Closet for WAY less than the original person paid. The purple shirt still had the tags on it!)

My new favorite skinny jeans - Levi's (They sure are tight at first but once you get them stretched out it's ok! lol) I could finally breathe again after 30 minutes or so of getting them stretched out.

It was a no-fuss hair day. I love just sticking it up in a bun and not having to worry about it at all! In case you're wondering - makeup: Almay TLC foundation, Almay Smart Shade blush, & Maybelline Full n' Soft mascara with Covergirl LashBlast Length mascara.

I just had lunch with my family so it was a "natural" day...

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Amy Lynn said...

My new favorite skinny jeans are Levi's too! I haven't worn Levi's in years, but I picked up a pair at Kohl's to try on and they fit soooo good I couldn't resist! Super cute outfit :)