Friday, July 23, 2010

Trying a new shade

My natural hair color is dark blonde. When I was younger, I had gorgeous bright blonde curly locks and as I got older, my hair darkened so I started to get highlights. As anyone who's ever maintained highlights knows... it's expensive and a little bit of a pain in the ass! lol


Not so au-naturale:

My roots grew out wayyyyyy too long (yes, I'm guilty) so I went to the store and bought a color called "light brown" as an attempt to match my roots. The color should've been named "crap-nasty burnt orange tinted brown" ...

I went to visit a friend who went to cosmetology school to see if she could help me achieve exactly what I was looking for... She took me to Sally's and we picked up a color called "Dark Neutral Blonde" and a 99cent packet of this powder called "UNRED" (the name is self explanatory) and she got to work.

This is the result:

I actually love it! It's a red/brown color and I've always wanted to play around with a red shade. This color was a total accident but thankfully - the hair gods were merciful on me! (I mean, I put "dark blonde" on "light brown" which could've been a total disaster for only being 1 week apart)

I can tell you right now that I will end up back blonde... it's just a matter of time. lol For right now, I'm going to enjoy this shade for as long as it lasts :)

If you could pick any hair color to be what would you choose?


Claire Kiefer said...

My hair is the same--was thick and blonde and wavy as a kid, and now it's dishwater blonde (oh, the fate of blondes as we grow up!). I've been highlighting it for years (highlights + lowlights), but haven't done a single thing to it in almost a year, and think I may stick to its natural color for a while . . . mostly cause I just want it to be healthy again!

Your new shade looks really cute, btw!

Julie (brown eyed belle) said...

Oh, I love it!! It looks good on you!

I have naturally red hair, but as I get older it gets darker and darker. I wish I could naturally be auburn/strawberry blond! That would be perfect!

Mandi said...

cute, that color suits you well! I have red hair and unfortunately it does not take dye very well at all! I would love to try a blond for fun but my husband would kill me. hehe.

The Pittman's said...

Wish I could dye my hair but it's way to dark and I will surely damage it maintaining it. I wish it were a lighter brown though. I'm lovin your look!

JKreids said...

I think I remember that you're in Dallas... I've been going to the Aveda Institute for almost a year now and LOVE it. If you ever decide to change things up... It's their training school but the stylists are really good and their products are natural so they aren't as damanging.

Just an idea! It's across the street from Northpark. :)

Kristin said...

I really like this color! You totally pull it off! I look awful as a brunette!