Thursday, July 7, 2011

I need your opinion!

This swimsuit:

Yes or no? I think it's super cute and I love the style... What do you think?

This is a completely random topic but I decided to pick up the new NatureLuxe Mascara by Covergirl and I actually really like it! My lashes are light to the touch, not chunky thick with product. The wand separates really well and doesn't clump at all! This mascara is perfect for day time - and it's build-able for a dramatic look but not over-the-top. I really really like it!! :)

Hope all is well with you guys!! 


Erin Tagle said...

I like the suit!

Cupcakes and Cosmopolitans said...

Cute! I say get it!
Most cheetah/leopard print apparel are either black/gold or black/white, this is pink. I love pink!


stilettolover91 said...

Yes to the swimsuit!!! It's sexy!!!