Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I need your help!

Hello lovelies :)

I need your help! I want to create a new blog. I want a new everything - theme, layout, background, content, name, etc. My life has changed so much since I started this blog... good and bad. My first instinct was to delete all the content on this blog and start over but after I started going back through all my posts I realized that I just can't. This blog is like a diary. The good, the bad, and the ugly. lol As much as I don't want to erase this blog, I want to create a new one. So here is where YOU come in!

I need some help with the name of my new blog! This blog will be a lifestyle/fashion/beauty blog... I don't want to focus in on just one things. I just can't limit myself to one genre! lol If I have a good fashion day, I'll document it. If I discover an amazing new beauty product, I'll write about it. And I just can't help but write about the things going on in my life! :) So here are few names I'm considering:

- New Beginnings
- Life as Lindsay
- Lindsay Cene'

... and I'm out. See! I need your creative genius to help me with a catchy, clever name :) (Oh, and Cene' is my middle name - just in case you were wondering)

I am VERY open to suggestions because Lord knows I need them!


Beautygirl24 said...

I understand! I started out strictly writing about beauty and makeup, and then I discovered that I love fashion just as much...if not MORE than beauty products sometimes! So I switched it up to include both. It's your blog, so write whatever you feel!
I really like Life as Lindsay! Very catchy and cute ;)

Lindsey said...

hmm i don't think New Beginnings because it won't always be a "new beginning" Living as Lindsay probably is already out there. I like Lindsay Cene. OR Cene something because Cene is a unique name and I doubt many Cene's are out there. There are sooo many freaking blogs with the name blonde in it that I hate my blog name. I want to change it, but I am too scared that it's too late to do that. I give you credit. So basically I have to think about it, but Cene should be incorporated somehow.

Lindsay [Bella Cene'] said...

I really like "Life as Lindsay" since it's ME and it kind of encompasses everything on my blog lol But I love the uniqueness of my middle name... hmm, any middle ground?

Urska M. said...

Good luck with it :) just let us know when it will be finished so we can join you. :) idk.. this came to my mind.. La Cene' ? If I came out with something else I'll let you know ;) xoxo

Urska @

Kristin said...

I like Lindsay Cene!