Thursday, May 5, 2011

OOTD - Casual Thursday

Gray shirt - Ross $5
Jeans - Marshalls $25
Shoes - Goodwill (brand new Target pumps) $8
Necklace - made by me

I am so excited because my company announced this week that we're allowed to wear jeans from May to the end of August! 

Ok so I have gained 15lbs since I started my office job 9 months ago. I have GOT to get this weight off! (Maybe I need to enlist the help of Miss Elizabeth - Personal Trainer (her personal blog)!) I've got a zumba DVD but I just need to use it! I've got no motivation :( 


Claire Kiefer said...

That's amazing--you don't look like you've gained any weight at all. You still look thin and adorable! For the record, though, I've been using the iPhone app My Fitness Pal (or you can do it online) and it's pretty amazing. Records everything you eat, how much water you drink, exercise, etc. I love it!

Lindsey said...

You look fab and if you have gained 15 pounds, I don't know where it could have possibly gone. I wish I looked at you "plus the 15". Cute casual outfit, I likey!

Fashion Meets Food said...

Very cute outfit! You are absolutely gorgeous. Love your blog and I am your newest follower.