Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Would you date Jesse James?

Really Kat Von D? You're going to date Jesse James so soon after his divorce from Sandra Bullock for cheating on her with filthy whores?

I truly wonder how many brain cells she has left.

"Oh no honey, you're different. I'd never do that to you..."

How many times have women heard that line?

Would you date someone who had a track record like Jesse James?

And to think... he once had this:

Good job, Jesse James... good job.
(extreme sarcasm intended)


TaylorCristen said...

I used to be a fan of Kat Von D, but now I think shes a total idiot. Im a huge fan of Sandra, I think shes an amazing actress and she seems to be a genuine person so Im not sure why she was with Jesse James in the first place and Im also not sure why he was into her, when he is obviously into heavily tatted women. I would never date someone with a track record like Jesse- in most cases its "once a scumbag cheater- always a scumbag cheater." I highly doubt he and Kat Von D will last very long.

Ashley DeLen said...

I think that any women who would date Jesse James right now is just wanting to hurt herself and would use him as the instrument in her own self torture... yuck...

By the way... thanks for stopping by and commenting on my hair!!! It's been a while since I have been to your blog and I love all of your fashion tips. Really love the concert outfit below!

Have a wonderful day!

Kristin said...

JJ is a total scumbag!! And Kat is trashy for going there right after all this came out!!

Embodying Fashion said...

I really liked Kat Von D but now I think she is just a stupid, stupid young girl who is looking for more publicity. I adore Sandra and I wish her best of luck!

LaLicenciada said...

You're hysterical!

And, you're right.