Saturday, June 5, 2010

It's not my timing... It's His.

Today hasn't been the easiest day for me. I've tried to avoid looking at my phone since 12am because the big fat "5" on the front only reminds me that today is June 5, 2010. Today we went to see Get Him to the Greek (which I really wish I would've waited to rent it through the Redbox but hindsight is 20/20) but Killers (with Ashton Kutcher and Katherine Heigl) was WAY better! I actually really enjoyed it.

Anyway, back to today...

Then tonight I had the most awful night at work! [I'm a server] People were rude and felt they needed to take out their life's aggressions on me tonight. (Seriously lady, I'm sorry there was too much cabbage in your salad... but I didn't make it. No need to snap at me with "If I wanted this much cabbage I would've ordered cole slaw.")

This isn't what I thought today would be like.

When I got engaged on Valentine's Day 2009, we set a date for June 5, 2010. Today was supposed to be my wedding day.

I look at the word "supposed" and I keep thinking, "Obviously, it wasn't 'supposed' to be my wedding day, or else it would have been." Life does not proceed according to my plan. It's not my timing that matters... it's His. I know that God has a plan for my life and there is a reason I didn't get married today. I look at it today and remember how much hurt and betrayal I felt when everything fell apart - but I am reminding myself that God has a greater plan for me. He knows what he's doing.

And one of these days, it's all going to make sense.


Brittany Ann said...

I can imagine how hard this day is, even if it wasn't in God's plan for you.

Take heart that He has a better one lined up for you soon!

You're going to be happier with His plan in the long run!


♥ H ♥ said...

Keep that attitude and reminding yourself that yes, one day it will all make sense and you will be able to look back and actually be thankful that everything happened the way it did. It will only make you stronger and wiser in the end. And plus, if these things didn't happen, you wouldn't wind up in the better place you're headed :) Be thankful for the good times, the bad times, the happy times and the sad times. Bc each turn you take leads you to where you're supposed to be. God never said it would be easy, but he did say it would be worth it :)

Tamela said...

It is natural to feel this way. I did when it was the day my ex fiance and I were suppose to get married. It was more like a surreal feeling. But things worked out for the better for me and there was a reason God picked this for you!

MrsDixon said...

I am sorry...I bet this day was incredibly hard to deal with. But you are doing the right thing by remembering the bigger day, you will look back on this and smile and how far you have come. Hang in there

Victoria D. said...

chin up doll face.


Kristin said...

aww im so sorry :( i was sad reading this but just wait until you find the man of your dreams and the wedding date that is really yours!! xo