Thursday, August 2, 2012

Meet Bentley

Meet the newest edition to our family! Bentley is a black lab and was born May 3. He is so precious and extremely intelligent! He was a surprise for my hubby and most definitely worth it!

We used to have 2 other pups - Dierks and Jake. They were a dachshund and a shihtzu. Unfortunately, we have to give them to better homes a while back. Dierks (dachshund) was highly aggressive and he'd bitten a few people. We were lucky we were never sued! Jake was so hyper and honestly, we couldn't maintain the proper grooming to keep him healthy. He was constantly matting up. We made the extremely difficult decision to find better homes for both of them. We've been ridiculed for this decision but I know deep down in my heart that we've done the right thing. Dierks now lives with a stay at home mom with 2 little girls. Since she is a stay at home mom, he's never in a kennel, gets PLENTY of exercise and play time with the girls, and the mom has told me they haven't had any issue with his aggression! Jake was a gift for an adorable 11 year old girl. Her mom already had a shihtzu and wanted Jake for her daughter. When they came to meet Jake, he instantly connected with the girl and I knew it would be a great match. I keep in touch with both women and they tell me the dogs are very happy and loved. They send me photos and to know the boys are living a much more fulfilling life makes me happy.

Now about Bentley...

We went a while without a pet and it's definitely a lifestyle change. While it was nice to not have the responsibility, we felt like something was just missing. We did our research to find a breed that would make a great family dog, not aggressive, and intelligent. That's when we knew we wanted a lab. It's been so much easier raising Bentley! We can take him everywhere with us because he is so friendly, minds well, and oddly enough... he's pretty chill for a puppy AND a lab. Most of all - I can tell he makes my husband so happy.

I'm sure you'll be hearing more about our adventures raising a puppy... and eventually a family :)