Thursday, August 9, 2012


I am SO excited! I just got my FIRST passport ever in the mail! Yay! 

The hubby and I are taking our (late) honeymoon to Cozumel and we didn't think about needing passports until after we book therefore, we had to expedite ours. Here's my PSA for today - get your passport early enough so that you don't need to expedite it! It cost us an extra $120 just to have them rushed. But oh well, lesson learned! 

I can't wait for our vacation. We're thinking about scuba diving but I'm nervous because I can't seem to pop my ears while I'm under water. I need to go to our pool here at the apartments and practice! lol If you've been scuba diving before, what's your trick to popping your ears AND do you recommend scuba diving?? How was your experience??

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Pao said...

Have fun in your honeymoon, when are you leaving? I cannot tell you anything about scuba diving, cause I haven't experimented it!