Friday, September 2, 2011

End of Summer Shopping

I leave for my very first cruise in just 1 day! I've been doing a lot of shopping here lately and I just figured I'd share some of my finds with you guys!

I found this adorable pen holder at Forever 21 for only $5. Sounded like a great deal until I went to Burlington Coat Factory and found it priced there for $3. Hey, what's $2? lol I will not complain!

keeping my desk in style :)

I bought this adorable swimsuit top yesterday at Target for $17.99. I love the simplicity with a touch of glam! It'll look good against my spray-tanned body :)

If you are in need of some sandels, hit up Burlington Coat Factory! They had SO many on sale! Every color/style you can imagine! I bought both of these for just $6 each. I'm a very happy girl :)

We leave on Saturday and I am so excited! A bit anxious but I can't wait to just be able to relax for a whole week. Ahhh, no work for a whole week. :)

"Only worry in the world is the tide gonna reach my chair."


Lindsey said...

SO jealous of your cruise, you are going to have SO MUCH FUN! I love Burlington Coat Factory, they have the best stuff. I really think it's a hidden gem. Take so many pics and kick back, relax and enjoy yourself!

Nantucket Daffodil said...

Have a blast! Eat LOTs of yummy food, and speed walk the deck!

Holly said...

Cruises are SO much fun! You are going to have an awesome time.

christine donee said...

I know I'm super late on reading this..

but so jealous of your cruise. take me with you next time?

Kristin said...

great finds!!