Thursday, April 28, 2011

Good Times & New Shoes

Well hello my long, lost beauties :)

I have been a busy, busy girl! I've basically abandoned my blog due to a crazy schedule and a lack in inspiration. I work all day, come home, and I'm mentally drained. There are many times I sit in front of a blank blogger "new post" page and nothing comes. So I close the tab and go about my night. I really miss you guys so I'll try to get back to posting more (way more) often. So where have I been? 

I've been reconnecting with my loved ones. I surprised my fiancĂ© with a trip to Galveston for his birthday a few weeks ago. That was a wonderful trip! I just might have to post a few pics on here. I'm so proud that I was able to keep the trip a secret for a month. :) Go me!

I recently went out with my long lost best friend... It was spur of the moment and most definitely worth it! 

 Oh what a night...

OOOH! Last weekend we went to Temple, TX to visit my fiancĂ©s  best friend. We had a little time to kill (with only a little money lol), so naturally we went to Goodwill! I've been dying for some summer wedges and I found these lovely (practically new) shoes!

They are 10x cuter on :)

On another note - I've been a contract employee at my current company for 9 months and this past Monday I started my first day as a permanent employee! I feel so "grown up" with my official, big-girl job :) Time to start workin' up the ladder... 

And last - Please say a prayer for everyone who lost loved ones and belonging in the recent severe weather in the south. I'm particularly partial to Tuscaloosa, Alabama. I've got family that lives in a small town not too far away. They are all okay but it's horrible to see the destruction and devastation. My little brother's dream is to attend the university there... CRIMSON TIDE! ROLL TIDE ROLL! My grandmother was born and raised around that area. I've been to that town many times my whole life and it's just devastating to see the videos and photos. 


Kasey Lynne said...

Those wedges are SOOO cute! Lucky girl!

My heart goes out to ALL the people who've been affected by the really hurts to watch all the footage and devastation.

Lindsey said...

Absolutely love those wedges! What a great find. Welcome back girl, you have been missed!

Kristin said...

yay on being permanent!!