Sunday, November 9, 2014

Younique Moonstruck 3D Fiber Lashes - A Review

Unless you have been living under a rock, I am sure you've heard about Younique and their 3D fiber lash "mascara". Anyone who knows me knows I'm a mascara junkie... it's literally the ONLY makeup product I can't live without! Even my "no makeup" days involve at least one coat of mascara.

me & my fabulous 3d lashes

I put off buying the mascara because I'm a cheap ass frugal and $29 was hard to swallow for something I'd never tried before. After months of envying the lashes I'd seen in photos splattered all over my Facebook newsfeed, I scrounged up the money and pulled the trigger.

My review:

First off... I don't have a good before and after because I am terrible at selfies. lol If you want to see me without mascara or with regular mascara, just look at this blog post HERE.

- I loved how easy they are to apply. They go on just like mascara and don't take too much longer than your regular mascara. 

- It takes practice. My first time, I wasn't too impressed. My lashes were all sticking together in big clumps. I watched a video and learned that I do best if I apply them slowly and accurately. Sometimes it helps to use the wand vertically to lengthen my lashes. 

- I'm pretty impressed by how they hold up even after sleeping with the mascara still on! They look pretty good the 2nd day too. (I know, you're supposed to wash your face every night but sometimes I'm too exhausted and don't want to risk waking my 10 month old who sleeps in our room still lol)

- They wash off easily too. I just use hot water and a rag. Then I use a makeup remover wipe when I get done to finish it off!

All in all - I LOVE this mascara and I'll be ordering more when I run out. Even for a frugal person like myself... It is SO worth it! 

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Have you tried this mascara yet??


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