Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Barefoot Pink Moscato and perhaps it's time to lose some weight...

I've never been a wine person. I try to be a wine person... because wine just seems so sophisticated and all. I've tried so many and hated them all! Until NOW. Oh my gosh if you like a sweet wine without the harsh bitterness, you have to try Barefoot's Pink Moscato!

Ok y'all... I have a confession.

I have been gaining weight due to my crappy eating habits and sedentary lifestyle. I know I just need to eat better (i.e., more fish and veggies... less powdered donuts and lattes) and I DEFINITELY need to get active! But last week, I had a wake up call. 

These are were my jeans. I blame it on crappy craftmanship, but I know the truth.

My mom introduced me to this health and wellness company that educate people on the toxins in their home and offer products to replace the harmful ones. They have a whole line of "healthy weight loss" products and my mom can't stop raving about this one! So I caved... and bought one. lol

 Attain Nutrition Shake - Reduces Hunger Cravings to Support Healthy Weight Loss


 I really, really liked it! It doesn't have that "this is good for you so it must taste like crap" taste. I created a morning coffee drink using the vanilla flavored one. I mixed 2% milk, brewed coffee, and this powder over ice and it was one of those fancy iced coffees but SO much better for you! I highly recommend it! Let me know if you're interested in getting some yourself and I'll help you out! 

I'll keep you informed on my weight loss efforts. Currently, I weight 153ish. Hell, it might be 155 now. lol But hopefully I will have a lower number to report in the near future!

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Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo if you are in need of a website, logo, business cards, or even just a simple custom invitation... please check him out!

You guys are awesome! 

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