Friday, June 15, 2012

Pursuing Passions

I have decided to pursue my passion in photography! I'm spending hours and hours on research and photoshop tutorials. I've re-did photo after photo after photo! It's difficult but I'm really loving it.

I took this photo of my sister last Sunday at my parent's house. Here are a few versions of her photo... Let me know what you think :) Oh and I am TOTALLY open tips and tricks if you know of any!


First attempt: Love the eyes but her skin to too blotchy in my opinion

Second attempt: Better - one eye seems to be a little different in color and I wish I could make her skin a little warmer like the photo above.

I've modified these so many times but here are the 2 "final" versions I've actually saved. Any feedback would be appreciated!!


Claire Kiefer said...

They both look great! I don't know the first thing about photo editing, but sounds like you've been doing your research. It's amazing how different photos can look after a little retouching. Congrats on pursuing your dream!

Sydney said...

Both of these are stunning pictures! Coming from someone with no talent in photography, I am beyond amazed at how professional and flawless both versions look. I think I might have a slight preference for the second, though. I can't wait to see more pictures like these from you!
-Sydney /