Wednesday, June 25, 2014

DIY Entry/Foyer Decor for UNDER $40! (including the furniture!)

Our entryway was basically empty for a while and I was searching high and low for the right decor within our budget... which was basically $0. lol Luckily, I'm a bit thrifty & crafty so I was able to figure something out with a little creativity!

First, my husband made the moose antler lamp. He's extremely talented. If you're interested in a deer antler lamp, check out his website -

I scored the table off one of those Facebook resale groups that are so popular right now. $15 bucks baby... yep. So excited about that deal!


I went thrifting where I found 3 wooden frames (from the 1960s). I bought some cheap craft paint from Walmart and painted them myself (after some extensive Googling to ensure they weren't worth a $1000. lol I've watched too many of those shows on TLC, History Channel, etc)

Frames:  $1.50 each

I searched high and low for the perfect table runner but never found what I wanted... so in true Lindsay fashion, I just made one. :) I recycled the paint I used for the picture frames. Bought burlap at Hobby Lobby and the stencil at Michaels. (Use your coupons!! Both stores ALWAYS have a 40% off coupon available!)

Burlap (2 yards):  $8 
Stencil:  $10

After! Total, I spent less than $40 for the frames, paint, burlap, stencil, AND the table!

A few tips for finding furniture deals:
- When out thrifting, look for fixer-uppers
- Check Craigslist
- Keep an eye on Facebook resale groups!
- ALWAYS offer a lower price than what they are asking! 99% of the time the buyer will accept or counter with an offer more than your offer, but still lower than asking.

Happy hunting!


lil desiqua said...

I absolutely love the enrtyway, and the fact that you were able to do it all in a tight budget!! Question though- what's a Facebook resale group?

jaimie said...

My dad is always searching on those Facebook resale groups and he has found some super cool stuff! Love the frame idea, I need to do this.